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Please log in directly to And click on the “Review Results” button for a live online query.
1.    If your paper is selected as oral talk or lighting talk, please prepare the PPT (16:9) in advance, to ensure the smooth progress of the online meeting, we recommend that you self-record the video file in advance (in English), please send the recorded video file (in MP4 format) before October 25th to e-mail: and For video recording requirements, recording video template and reporting schedules, please go to
the official website for more details.

2.       If your paper is selected as poster, please be sure to provide the poster as JPG file before October 25th with the following specific requirements:
1) The screen size is 90 cm wide, 120 cm high, resolution 72, cmyk color value, please provide the poster in JPG format, size around 2M;
2) Texts, photographs and figures should be large enough to be clearly displayed both on the screen or the mobile phones, the abstract is also a part of the poster, please include the author's contact details on the poster for later communication with attendees;
3) The main message should be: confirmation + author name + title, the contents of the email need to indicate your paper’s number, title of the paper, the participant author name and the mobile phone number.
4) Posters will be displayed on the official website during the workshop for all the attendees to visit and communicate. Please understand that if you fail to
provide the poster in time, we will not guarantee your poster be shown on the website. More details can be viewed on the official website
3.       If your paper is selected as abstract, you do not need to prepare a presentation, and you are welcome to participate in the workshop.